Here’s Why A Bump On Your Wrist Can Be A Real Threat To Your Well-Being


These lesions (bumps) can appear on your palms, wrists, or fingers because of an injury, insect bites, or work-induced blisters. And They are also called hygroma (ganglion cyst) in medicine, and sometimes it can be a sign of a serious health problem. And The bump on your wrist is a benign formation and can be a cause for concern and you should treat this issue as soon as possible.

Where and Why These Bumps Appear

And Bumps mostly appear on the wrist. In rare case,And they can appear on the surface of the palm or on the inner surface of the fingers. And Bumps can be firm or soft to the touch. And The most common reasons for bump appearance are:

  • A recent injury or incorrectly healed bone fracture;
  • And Inborn weakness of the osseous-articular apparatus;
  • And Degenerative illnesses of the joints;
  • And Inflammation of the soft tissues of the wrist;
  • And Long repetitive wrist movements (a common factor among musicians and those who work a lot at the computer).
Symptoms and Treatment

And There is no apparent reason for the bump formation. And The growth rate of the cyst is known to vary. And Sometimes it can remain unchanged for several years, while in other cases, And the lesion can dramatically increase in size in just a few days.

And The appearance of the bump is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Difficult joint movement;
  • And Red skin around the bump;
  • And Aching pain and irritation of the surrounding tissues;
  • And Increased or decreased skin sensitivity.

And Remember, there is no chance for the bump to develop into a malignant tumor, And still you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. And We advise you to consult a surgeon or a podiatrist to determine the cause of the disease and to give you an effective treatment.