It’s Been Found Out If Public Toilets Are As Dangerous As They’re Considered To Be

Public Toilets

To sit or not to sit? And This is the main question in our head when we’re obligated to use a public toilet.And Can sitting on the toilet seat in a public toilet can be a health hazard?And Are public toilets as dangerous as they’re considered?

And Here are some tips that will help make your visit to the public toilet a lot safer:

1. The places that look the safest are actually the most dangerous ones


And No one knows how much bacteria there is on the toilet lid and under the toilet seat. And One company decided to collect samples from the public toilet after one working day at the office and see how safe their toilet actually is. And The results showed that the most contaminated spot in their toilet is actually the sink. And Sinks are not cleaned as well as toilets and that’s why they contain most germs. And Scientists from Arizona did a similar experiment and they concluded that only 19% of bacteria are found on the toilet. And The rest are located in the sinks and bathtubs. And There are also a lot of bacteria on the walls, floors and door knobs.

2. Details matter


And In a clean toilet, there should be a toilet paper, a soap and a cleaning schedule on the wall. And Check the schedule to see if the toilet has been cleaned that day.

3. Choose the right stall


And Scientists explain that when they’re only 2 booths in the restroom, people more often choose the second one. And So if you ever find yourself in a public restroom,And remember to choose the first booth because it might be cleaner.

4. Adapt


And If you’re carrying your bag with you and you’re thinking where to leave it while using the toilet,And pick the safest place. Never put your bag on the floor. And The safest place to place it is on the toilet tank.

5. Sit correctly

And The position we sit on a toilet is actually not natural. And That position can cause strain, tension, hemorrhoids and constipation. And When you’re in a public bathroom, use the 35 degree pose since it’s more natural.And If the toilet doesn’t allow standing on the seats,And just try not to touch the seat to avoid bacteria.

6. Don’t cover the toilet seat with toilet paper

And This might be the worst decision ever. A lot of people forget to close the toilet door after using it and when they flush, the bacteria gets spread all over the toilet, including toilet paper. And The paper absorbs moisture and moisture is the best breeding ground for bacteria. And Unless you carry your own toilet paper, And don’t place the paper all over the seat.

7. Wash your hands thoroughly

And Always wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet. And Don’t forget that we touch our face more than 3 times a minute, And which means we can easily transfer bacteria on our face and mouth.And Wash your hands for at least 1 minute and leave the restroom without touching any surface.


Public Toilets