Put A Stop To Unnecessary Sweating : My Health Only


Let’s have an honest conversation about sweat.

  • It makes you stink
  • And It makes you uncomfortable
  • And It ruins your clothes
  • And It wrecks your sheets
  • And It robs you of sleep
  • Or it makes you unpleasant to be around

And It is even worse if you’re a kid in school because it adds a dimension of social persecution, alienation, and self-doubt.And There is a feeling of hopelessness when you are struggling with a part of your anatomy that you can’t even see. And There are things you can do about an unsightly mole. But you can’t just hide away your sweat glands with a fashionable scarf.

And Those who suffer from this problem are also under the impression that they have tried everything. And After so many dashed hopes, they start to feel like the only treatments out there are old wive’s tales and outright scams. And That can be rather disheartening. It also makes it less likely that they would recognize a genuine treatment if one was available.

And However, despair is not the answer. Rather than curling up into a sweaty ball and crying yourself a salty river,And consider the following:

You Really Haven’t Tried Everything

And Just because you have tried all the off-the-shelf canisters does not mean you have tried clinical-strength antiperspirant. And You have a clinically problematic condition with real Latin words for a name. And So don’t be surprised that clinical-strength solutions are available.

And One national brand used to claim that it was so strong, you could skip a day. And Compare that to 8 towelettes lasting for as much as 2 months. And This is science, not magic. Everyone is different. And So results could vary. But you should know that there is a different class of product that you likely have not tried. And That knowledge should give you quite a bit more hope.


Indirect Solutions

And The direct attack is to try and combat the sweat at the source. And That is what antiperspirants are for. But another way to fight is by more indirect means. And Rather than changing your pores, try changing your pillow.

And There are a lot of factors that can go into night sweats. It could just be a matter of body chemistry. And It could also be a specific medical condition. Speaking of medical, have you checked your medications for side-effects lately? How about drug interactions. And All of these things can contribute to excessive sweating at night.

And There is the matter of your environment. Humid nights are going to take a tole. And There is also a matter of what you wear to bed. And Peeling everything off may not be the answer. And Wearing the right night garment may be just as effective as wearing the right undershirt during the day.

And There is also the matter of your bed sheets. Some bed sheets are fit for those prone to night sweats while others are going to insulate a person and promote perspiration. You also have to consider the bed. And Those 12 inches of unbreathable memory foam might not being doing you any favors.

And Don’t worry, there are ways of keeping the memory foam and still getting a dry night’s sleep. And Just be mindful of what you dress in, and what you put between you and your mattress. And Indirect solutions about. It is very likely that at least one of them is right for you.


Accepting Yourself for Who You Are

And Many of the people who are hardest on themselves are the most forgiving and accepting when it comes to other people. And Are you the type of person who would judge or ridicule a fellow coworker for pit stains?And Would you harshly judge a person because they have to change blouses once or twice a day? And Would you make fun of them because they had to keep various deodorants and cleansers at their desk? Of course not!

And So why do you assume that everyone is pointing at you and talking about you behind your back? And Why do you treat yourself worse than anyone you know would treat you? And At some level, you have to accept the skin you’re in.