How Bee Venom Products Work On Your Skin? : My Health Only


If you think that something like bee venom can bring back your glowing face then yes, you’re right. And This doesn’t mean that you should squeeze the venom out of a dead bee and apply it on your face. And That’s just going to be disastrous for you.And When a bee stings you your skin swells and hurts really bad.

And Now you may wonder why the heck do I need to add venofye bee venom products to my skincare routine? And The difference is that a bee sting contains concentrated formic acid which causes the pain and in bee venom products, the concentration is mild. And This will ensure that you get to enjoy all the benefits of bee venom without actually getting stung.

How does bee venom products work?

And When a bee stings you, the stinger is inserted deep inside your skin and the bee venom is released inside. And The bee venom basically consists of formic acid which results in swelling, And itching, redness, and a lot of pain in the area. And All these effects will stay only for a few hours unless you’re allergic to bee venom and if you’re allergic, the symptoms may last for a couple of days. And In such cases, you must seek the advice of a dermatologist before trying out a product that contains bee venom.

And When you apply a bee venom product on your skin, it fools your body into thinking that you’re actually stung by a bee. And When this happens, more blood is sent to the area affected which stimulates the production of collagen in that area. And Collagen is something that influences the strength of the body tissue and the elasticity of the skin.And As we age, the amount of collagen produced in our body decreases which results in signs of aging like wrinkles and loose skin.And Hence, bee venom products improve collagen production which in turn gives you a firm and younger looking skin.

And Bee venom products include under eye creams,And face masks, ointments, and serums.And These products if used regularly can reduce signs of aging and skin damage like fine lines,And larger pores, and wrinkles. And Bee venom also helps in recovery from sun damage and spots.

Will the bees die?

And It’s a known fact that bees die if they sting you. And This is because when it stings a person, And it cannot get the stinger out and when it pulls away, a part of its abdomen, intestines, and nerves remain on top of the person’s skin. And This major abdominal rupture results in the death of the bee and honey bee are actually the only bees that die after stinging someone. And However, the bees won’t die when bee venom is collected for skin care products. And A glass sheet with really weak electricity running through it is kept inside the beehive. When a bee sits on it, And it releases some amount of venom through its stinger due to the influence of the current.And It also releases pheromones that will encourage other bees to do the same thing. And The process is not harmful or stressful for the bees and the venom is collected from the glass.