8 Secrets Of Fast Food Restaurants No One Will Ever Tell You About ( MHO )

Secrets Of Fast Food

We all love fast food! And The pace of modern life doesn’t leave us much time for cooking and fast food is just a call away! And Although we can’t say no to the delicious fast food, And there are some things you should know about fast food restaurants.

And Here are the 8 secrets about fast food restaurants no one will tell you:

1. Order French fries without salt

And French fries get salted right after the batch is cooked. And If you order without salt, the staff will make a fresh,And new batch just for you.

2. Coke is cheaper than tea since it stimulates your appetite

And Sodas are always cheaper than tea in fast food stores. And The reason for this is simple; fast food places want people to buy more sodas, And since it’s impossible to reduce your thirst so you’ll end up buying more and more and more.And Soda also increases appetite.

3. The smell coming from the kitchen is a marketing trick

And It’s hard to resist the tempting smell coming from the kitchen when passing by fast food store. And Almost every fast food restaurant makes sure that the smell of cooking reaches people outside. And Can you just smell it and not order? And Well, we don’t think so.

4. French fries are made from 19 ingredients

And Fast food restaurants mix 19 ingredients to make the French fries we all love to eat. And Potatoes are the basic ones, then additives, And fats, flavor enhancers etc.

5. It’s not good to order fast food early in the morning 

And Being an early bird is great except when it comes to fast food. And Don’t visit a fast food restaurant early in the morning because workers clean everything with harsh chemicals and some can be transferred on your food and drinks.

6. One milkshake contains 3 times more sugar than the recommended daily intake

And Who doesn’t love a milkshake, especially in the summer? And Unfortunately, it’s packed with sugar, almost 3 times more sugar than you need to consume on a daily basis.

7. Food is more delicious when you eat with your hands

And Wonder why there are no forks and knives in fast food restaurants? And It’s because food is more delicious when is eaten with hands, And which means more pleasure- more food.

8. Soda fountains are really dirty

And Soda fountains are difficult to wash and they’re the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Secrets Of Fast Food