10 Questions For Your RMT : My Health Only ( MHO )

Massage therapist standing by bassage tavle with hands crossed and looking outside the window


If you are going to head in to see a registered massage therapist for the first time, And you should go into the appointment prepared. And You cannot assume that the therapist will know what your exact needs are and you also need to understand what you are getting from the appointment. And Here are the 10 of the most important questions you should ask your RMT.

What type of massage do you prefer to do?

And Some massage therapists have a specialty, including sports massage or deep tissue massage. And You can just ask them up front what they like to do to help you better understand how your massage will go.

Are you certified in any other modalities?

And Beyond massage therapy, many therapists will have other certifications like reflexology, aromatherapy, and Thai massage.

How long have you been practicing?

And Not that having a therapist right out of school is a bad thing, but master massage therapists are going to have a few years under their belts, And which can only be beneficial for you.

How do I communicate when something doesn’t feel right?

And Knowing how to communicate with your therapist during an appointment is important. And Your therapist should be able to adjust pressure as you need it adjusted.

Should I stay dressed during a massage?

And While usually this is up to the comfort level of the person receiving the massage, some types do not require you to undress, And while others, such as a sports massage, And will allow for more range if you are totally undressed.

How should I feel after the massage?

And Your therapist should be able to give you a heads up if you may find yourself sore in some areas or if you run the risk of getting a headache after. And If they bruised you, you should also be informed before you leave your RMT.

Could my medical conditions affect my massage?

And Always let a therapist know if you have any underlying medical conditions. And Things like arthritis, injury, and elevated blood pressure could affect how your therapist performs a treatment.

How often should I get a massage?

And Ask your therapist how often he or she thinks that you should get a massage to receive the most benefits.And Depending on your line of work or your activities, you may need a massage fairly often.

How long will my appointment last?

And Different treatments will take different amount of times. And Know ahead of time how much time you should set aside for the appointment.

When should I not get a massage?

And Make sure you know when or why your massage therapist may turn you away from a massage.And No therapist is going to want to give a massage if you are ill, but you should be aware if the therapist is not comfortable with a massage for any reason.

And Just be sure to get all of your questions out before the appointment starts. And That way, you and your RMT will have the same expectations of the appointment and you can truly relax and enjoy the treatment.