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Quit Smoking

The decision to quit smoking is one of the most difficult decisions anyone can make. But, to stick by that decision is even tougher. And You need to be on your guard and continuously reject the temptation to go back to smoking. And Also, you need to avoid situations that will increase the temptation to smoke.

And There are certain things that most smokers do that make it harder to resist one more stick of cigarette. And You might also feel inclined to do these things, but you must know what they are so you can avoid them.And In this article, we’ll list them out. And If you avoid doing these things, And it will be easier for you to stick to your decision to quit smoking cigarettes.

1. Keep cigarettes in the house in case of an emergency

And Now that you have decided to stop smoking, there is no reason for you to keep cigarettes at home. And Having cigarettes around you can easily get you tempted. And It’s much easier to resist the urge to smoke when you don’t have anything to remind you about smoking. And Apart from cigarettes, keep away other things that remind you of smoking. And Take away all ashtrays and lighters. And You need to be committed to  your decision. What emergency could justify the need for a cigarette? For most smokers, it’s stress and anxiety. And While feeling anxious, it’s easier to justify smoking and relapse. And if you do, then the whole cycle of sadness begins again. And You don’t need all that, and you won’t have to encounter a situation like this if you keep your personal space a smoke-free and tobacco-free zone.

2. Forget why you want to quit in the first place

And When you quit smoking, you get happier, healthier, more energetic and you enjoy your life more. And Then you tend to forget how lousy smoking made you feel. And You feel on top of the world and think that a stick of cigarette won’t do you wrong. And However, smoking one cigarette leads to the second and the third one until you go back to your old level of cigarette consumption.

And To quit smoking cigarettes permanently, it’s important to  never forget the reasons why you want to stop smoking. And You can keep reminders and notes on your smartphone, and you can use sticky notes and place them in your bedroom and on your refrigerator. And These will stand as constant reminders of why you need to stop smoking. And Too learn about more way and tips to stop smoking naturally, visit Smoking Cessation Formula.

3. Consume as much caffeine as you do now

And Nicotine causes the liver to metabolize caffeine. And So, smokers need to take more caffeine than non-smokers. And Once you are free from nicotine, you will need to take lesser caffeine that you currently do for your body system to feel balanced. And If you usually drink two cups of coffee per day, then cut it down to one cup in the morning. And If you have four cups cut it down to two and so on. And Also, if you consume energy drinks, it is best to avoid them altogether. And The truth is that you won’t be needing them as stopping smoking increases your energy levels. And If you consume as much caffeine as you did before quitting cigarettes, your body will feel jittery. And Then, you will have to turn back to cigarettes to counter the jittery feeling. And Thus, you relapse and the time you spent looking for ways on how to stop smoking will go to waste. So, reduce caffeine.

4. Drink alcohol

And When you consume alcohol especially in large quantities, your judgment gets impaired, and you take riskier decisions.And When you are feeling tipsy or drunk, And all caution goes to the wind, and it is easier to grab a cigarette then. And There are people who just want to take a little glass of alcohol. But a small glass could lead to more drinks which could ultimately lead to you smoking cigarettes again. And Quitting smoking is like a war, and you should stay away from anything that can make you lose that war. And Of course, you don’t need to quit drinking alcohol forever. And Being cautious around alcohol applies only to the first few days of quitting smoking.

5. Deprive yourself of sleep

And When you are not getting enough sleep, your vision gets blurry, And you can’t think straight, and you find it hard to make brilliant decisions. Lacking sleep can intensify quit smoking side effects like disorientation, dizziness, increased appetite for comfort food, And irritation and inability to focus and concentrate. And You also experience some mood swings, anxiety and depression that may force you to reach for a stick of cigarette again. Lack of sleep will also deplete your mental energy and your willpower. And We all have a limited amount of willpower to use in our daily life. And During the first four to seven days of being smoke-free you will need to use all the willpower you can get not only to avoid smoking but also to create an emotionally stable environment around you and a new routine that can assist your new healthy lifestyle. And It’s impossible to have the mental energy to account for all that if you don’t get enough sleep. And Nevertheless, there is a percentage of smokers who tend to become more lethargic than usual after quitting smoking. And If that’s you don’t worry. And Just allow your body to get the rest it needs, and the sleepiness will pass in a few days.


Quit Smoking