3 Tech Predictions For E-cigs In 2019 : My Health Only


It’s been over a decade since e-cigs were introduced to American shores and, as we settle firmly into 2019, the path for e-cigs seems to only go in one direction: up.And Vaping trends have been very innovative as this activity has grown in popularity and the trends in 2019, And while remarkable, are not entirely unforeseen.And For the most part, they are a continuation of the growth vaping has enjoyed over the past decade.

And Regulatory oversight is somewhat mixed, with countries like the UK becoming more lenient about vaping while places like New York still consider it with a lot of caution,And altogether banning vaping in public areas. And That said, here are some solid predictions for what to expect in 2019.

1.  A Better Understanding of Electronic Cigarettes and Vapes

And Vaping and e-cigs are traditionally considered with caution. A lot of it has to do with the duck test: if it looks like a cigarette, And produces smoke like a cigarette, and feels like a cigarette for the smoker,And then it must be a cigarette, right? And Unfortunately, this is just plain wrong.

And Regulators and the general public are starting to open their eyes to the fact that e-cigs are a lot safer than conventional cigarettes. And The research is overwhelming, and advocates are finally getting their voices heard.And The current attitude to vaping is like the attitude to caffeine in its earlier days. And Vaping will follow pretty much the same trajectory. Soon enough, vaping as a health tip will become mainstream.

2.  There will be an increase in Mouth to Lung Kits

And These are the best e cigarettes out there. And They are quickly becoming the prevalent form of vaping, and for good reason. And This is how smoking should ideally be. And When you pick up a cigarette, you should be able to draw from the mouth to the lungs directly.

And MTL kits simulate actual smoking very accurately and are perfect for those looking to switch from real smoking to vaping. And They’re cleaner, healthier, and greener. And MTL kits will likely flood the markets in 2019 and become more accessible as the prices go into affordable territory. And As a result, a lot of recovering smokers will see their new-year resolutions fulfilled.

3.  Vaping Technology will continue to Evolve at a Rapid Pace

And Vaping is one of the fastest evolving technologies I know. And It has seen an evolution that can only be compared to the evolution of computers in rapidity. And A lot of this progress has been due to the innovation of e-cigarette companies, but much of it has also come from the vaping community,And as they build numerous mods to create the perfect custom vaping experience.

And Lots of new batteries and coils have been developed, as well as a move from the traditional 3-piece technology to newer 2-piece e-cigarettes. And Vaping has also become a more affordable pastime as the prices of kits have been driven down by the improved accessibility. And This trend will continue in 2019 with the industry seeing even more innovation and progress.

It’s a Bright Future

And As you can see, the future is bright for vaping. We’re going to see more happen in 2019 than in the past couple of years and much of it will be for the positive. And With the progress the industry is making, And we hope more and more people will come to accept vaping as a legitimate and safe pastime. Happy vaping!