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Lose Weight

If you’re tying to lose some pounds, then you definitely should make some small changes in your diet. And Those small changes will make a big difference.

And “Making small changes is more doable because you don’t feel as deprived. Feelings of deprivation can derail even someone with the best weight loss intentions.And In the long run, small changes will lead up to big results,” says Keri Gans, And R.D.N., author of The Small Change Diet.

And What’s the first step to get results? Switch from processed foods to whole foods.

And Here are the 10 food swaps you should do if you want to lose weight:

1. Swap 3 pancakes with butter and syrup for 2 pancakes with 2 poached eggs

And This combination will save you empty calories and give you added proteins.

2. Swap eggs Benedict for 3-egg cheese omelet with ham, veggies and some cheese


And The omelet contains less calories and you’ll load up on proteins and fibers from the veggies.

3. Swap white bagel with cream cheese for one whole grain English muffin with 1-2 thumb size portion of nut butter

And The muffins contain less calories and the nut butter will give you a boost of protein.

4. Swap blueberry muffin for one cup oatmeal with a handful of blueberries


And This way you’ll dramatically reduce your calorie intake. And The fibers in the oats will fill you up and you’ll feel fuller for longer.

5. Swap a turkey sandwich with mayo for a turkey sandwich with hummus or mustard


And Only 2 tbsp of mayo will give you extra 200 calories. And Swapping it for hummus will save you 60 calories.

6. Swap potato chips for roasted chickpeas


And Potato chips has no nutritional benefit. And On the other hand, roasted chickpeas are extremely delicious and packed with proteins and fibers.

7. Swap flavored fruit yogurt for Greek yogurt topped with as much fruit as you want

And Flavored yogurt might taste good but it doesn’t contain any fruits and it’s packed with sugars. And Greek yogurt topped with fruits will give you 20 grams of proteins, fibers and will satisfy your hunger.

8. Swap fried chicken with mashed potatoes for 1-2 palm size portions of grilled chicken with 1-2 handful of baked potatoes


And Switching from fried to grilled chicken saves 60 plus calories per 4 oz of chicken.

9. Swap a whole plate of pasta for half a plate of pasta with veggies


And Don’t have to ditch your pasta just make a healthier version of it. And Cut the portion in half and add plenty of veggies.

10. Swap a cocktail for a light beer

And Choosing a light beer may be the way to go over some of the sugary drinks. And If you choose a light beer over an 8 oz margarita, you will save over 400 calories.

Lose Weight