Going On A Hiking To Lose Weight? Learn About The Surprising Facts

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We all know how fun and relaxing it is to go out and feel the fresh breeze of air gently flow through our skin. And Seeing the blue skies and the bright and revitalizing heat of the sun surely does help us ease the pressure and stress in our daily lives.And But how can you enjoy this? And Well, the answer to that is by simply going on a hiking adventure whether by yourself or with someone else.

And There’s nothing better than connecting yourself to the natural world. And However, hiking is not just merely about relaxing and enjoying nature. And It’s more than that because getting to go hiking to lose weight is a fact. And In this article, you’ll get to know everything about it.

Can Hiking Help You Lose Weight?

And Yes, hiking help you lose weight because it is through it that your fat reserves get burned up. And It’s in the burning of fats that you lose the mass that adds to your added weight. And Other than that, it also improves your cardiovascular performance. And An improved cardiovascular system leads to better bodily functions, And which then makes the burning of fat easier.

How Hiking Helps You Lose Weight?

1. Burns Calories

And The main reason as to why hiking helps you lose weight is because it burns calories. And Every time you move and exert effort, you burn calories. And In the case of hiking, you move your entire body, especially your legs.And You carry your weight as you move and you move your arms by swinging it back and forth. And All of this happens while all of the muscles throughout your body work together in giving you the stability so that you won’t fall over.

2. Improved Metabolism

And When you go hiking, your body’s metabolism process improves.And When this happens, your body’s functions start working properly. Your digestive, circulatory, and nervous system become in good shape,And which then results in the improvement of your metabolism.And Metabolism is the chemical process that converts the food you eat into energy. And The better your metabolism process is, the better you are at turning the food and drinks you take in raw energy.

3. Gives You a Positive Outlook

And Going on a hike also helps improve your psychological health.And This happens because you get to connect with nature. And We, humans, have an innate characteristic of becoming happy when we are exposed to a wider environment. And By simply going to a new place, seeing something new, or meeting new people, we become happier because we don’t feel alone. And It’s with this feeling of happiness and satisfaction that you get a positive outlook on life. And This positive vibe is then what motivates you to strive harder in losing weight.

Comparing the Calories Burned in Hiking, Walking, Swimming, Dancing, and Running

And Hiking is way better than walking because you burn more calories when you go for a hike.And If you weigh 175 pounds, you’ll burn about 1,100 calories once you go hiking for two hours. And On the other hand, you’ll only burn around 500 calories if you’re just walking for two hours. And That’s how big the gap is.

But when hiking is compared to swimming, And the latter is more efficient in burning calories. And If you weigh 180 pounds, you can burn as much as 1,600 calories for two hours. And This happens because you exert more energy and effort as you move through water.

And If you go dancing for two hours you’ll burn around 960 calories. And You don’t burn as much calories when compared to hiking because your don’t walk through different terrains when dancing.

And You’ll get to burn a whopping 2,000 calories if you go running for two hours straight. And If you really want to get maximum results, it’s recommended that you go running. And Just be sure you have the stamina and endurance so that you won’t sustain any injuries.

And However, hiking will be more dangerous than the other methods.And You should always be prepared as there are many wild animals.And For this reason, you need to have a boot knife and the right way to wear them.

How Much Weight Can You Lose When Regularly Hiking?

And Learning about how much weight loss you’ll get in hiking has a lot to do with your current weight. And The rule of thumb here is the lighter you are, the less weight you lose.And This is because you exert more effort in carrying your body if you weigh more, thus burning more calories.And If for example, you weigh 175 pounds.

And You hike for two hours three times a week. And By the end of that week, you’ll lose around a pound of weight. But if you’re heavier than 175 pounds,And the amount of weight loss that you’re going to achieve will also increase.

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