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Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet is only for non-vegetarians – this statement is not true. And Many vegetarians follow this diet and get a satisfactory result. And You can find many blogs or journal, And which share perfect keto diet without including eggs, meat, and fish.

And Egg or some dairy products are the sources of proteins. And You cannot avoid protein, and it is as same important as a carb. And Due to insufficient of protein you can face muscle loss, and while you intake a small amount of protein, And you burn fewer calories, and you feel hungry most of the time. And So if you skip egg from your diet, how can you meet daily protein requirement? And If you are vegetarian and follow a ketogenic diet, can keep beans, tofu, And soy protein powder, etc. in your food chart.

And The foods, which are the source of protein, should be included in a proper ketogenic  meal planAndSome keto diet followers consume low protein food in fear, and they think that consuming high protein food will lead them to distract the way of ketosis. And But it is not true. And You need to intake enough protein when you are on a keto diet.

Why is ketosis important for Vegetarian?

And Ketogenic diet or ketosis has long been suggested to epilepsy and diabetic patients, but people also follow it for reducing excess weight. And Like many non-vegetarians, And some vegetarians suffer from obesity problem, and they try to lose weight by altering their diet.

And Surprising, vegetarian diet includes high carb and less fat food that leads to gain weight. And However the ketosis contains low carb and high-fat food, And vegetarians should follow this diet to get rid obesity problem.

7 Days Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan for Vegetarians

And Here we have discussed 7 days ketogenic Diet plan that can be helpful for every vegetarian who is willing to follow the keto diet.

Day #1

Breakfast:  And Cereal or corn flakes (contains high-fiber) and fruits

 And Lunch:  And Soy product like tempeh (Indonesian soy product) with vegetable salad.

Snacks:  And You may cook any dish with vegetables like vegetable roll includes Romaine lettuce. And You may add spicy peanut sauce within it.

Dinner: And  Any dish with spinach like spinach pie with walnut and vegetable salad.

Dessert:   And Make a dessert with fruit like a truffle with red grapes and almond.

Day #2

Breakfast:  And On 2nd day you can intake oatmeal with fruit.

Lunch:  And You can take bean in lunch. And You can make black bean soup and consume it with a green salad.

Snacks:  And Cook a dish with celery and make it tastier with Hummus. And You can add sun dried tomato with it.

Dinner:  And If you do not have a digestion problem, And then you can cook a curry with Seitan and serve it with vegetable salad.

Dessert:  And Pineapple truffle with walnut crust

Day #3

Breakfast:  And Soy burgers and a fruit

Lunch:  And Tofu with green salad

Snacks:  And 1 cup soy milk with whole grain crackers

Dinner:  And eggplant lasagna with spinach salad

Dessert:  And Red grape truffle with Almond

Day #4

Breakfast:  And Tofu curry

Lunch:  And Black bean soup with rainbow vegetable slaw

Snacks:  And Whole grain crackers ear with sriracha dipping sauce

Dinner:  And Portobello mushroom patties with spinach pesto

Dessert:  And apple crumb pie

Day #5

Breakfast:  And Tofu Benedict with mushrooms bacon

Lunch:  And Marinated Peanut Tempeh with green salad

Snacks:  And Spicy Jalapeno Hummus with sun-dried tomato

Dinner:  And Portobello mushroom burger with vegetable salad

Dessert:  And Soy cheesecake with blueberry and almond crust


Day #6

Breakfast:  And chocolate Smoothie is made with soy milk and cocoa powder

Lunch:  And Salad which will be made with palm, romaine, artichoke, and celery. And You can take pea soup with it.

Snacks:  And Coffee with whole grain crackers

Dinner:  And Mushroom veggie burger with Spinach salad

Dessert:  And Fudge Truffle with almond crust

Day #7

Breakfast:  And Strawberry Smoothie which will be made with soy milk and fresh strawberry.

Lunch:  And Soy salad with lettuce and Vegetable Bisque soup

Snacks:  And Olive Tapenade, cucumber, and mushrooms

Dinner:  And Vegetable burger with green salad

Dessert:  And Chocolate pie with walnut crust

Guideline of Keto Diet Plan

And You may follow any ketogenic diet meal plan, but you should intake 20gram carb per day. And Though the lower carb diet leads to reduce excessive body weight, And most of the people cannot stay on this diet for a long time.

Ketogenic Diet