4 Healthy Replacements For 2019 : My Health Only


With summer just around the corner, And everyone wants to find easy ways to slim down and look their best fast! And It’s not easy to start a diet or new exercise fad and actually stick with it, but there are still things you can do to make an impact in your health.And There are probably some bad habits you’ve been trying to break for a while. And Maybe you aren’t ready to make big, life changing commitments, but you are ready to make some healthy replacements.And Here are 4 healthy replacements for 2019 to help you feel your best without much effort!
1. Smoking Alternatives

And You probably already know that smoking is bad for your health. And It’s not only highly addictive, but it’s bad news for your teeth and your lungs!And If you’ve been smoking for a while, it’s not easy to quit.And If you want to start your summer without your usual cloud of smoke, it might be time to consider one of these smoking alternatives. And While the best option for your health is to stop smoking altogether, And these are great steps towards a smoke-free lifestyle.

  • Vaping – Vaping is an inexpensive and easy alternative to smoking cigarettes. And By vaping instead of smoking, you avoid over 20+ chemicals traditionally found in cigarettes.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy – Nicotine replacement therapy can be done through the patch, aerosol, and inhaler, or Zyban. And This gives your body a similar dose of nicotine without as many toxins as cigarettes.
2. Junk Food Alternatives

And We all have a soft spot for junk food cravings. And Maybe your favorite go-to food is pizza or maybe it’s your favorite brownie recipe.And No matter what food is your weakness,And it’s easier than you think to find healthy alternatives! And Here are some tips for cutting down on your junk food cravings.

  • Add a salad to your meals – One easy way to eat more greens (and stop cravings!) is to simply skip the unhealthy sides and add a salad. And This is an option at most restaurants, but you can even do it at home with your meals!
  • Swap ingredients – If you just can’t go another day without pizza, And look for easy ways to swap your favorite ingredients for healthier ones. For pizza, And opt for whole wheat crust and homemade tomato sauce. For baked goods you can also substitute sugar for natural sweeteners! And You might discover you like it better than the original!
3. Coffee Alternatives

And As much as we all love our morning (or all day, really) cups of coffee, And this much caffeine isn’t doing wonders for our health. And While coffee in moderation isn’t a problem, it’s always good to cut back from time to time, And especially if you notice your body becoming dependent. And Skip the calories from your sugar creamer and the high caffeine levels with one of these alternatives!

  • Tea – Tea is the most obvious alternative to coffee. And You can even add milk or a milk substitute to get the creamy taste you’re used to from coffee! If you’re still looking for caffeine,And try black tea or green tea.
  • Infused Water – For a low-calorie, sweet drink,And try infused water! Just add your favorite fresh (or frozen!) fruits to your morning water for a refreshing drink!

4. Sedentary Alternatives

And Have you ever spent a whole day watching Netflix without even realizing it? With so many distractions nowadays, And it’s not always easy to remember to get up and stay active!And If you work at a computer all day, And it’s even harder to stay active during the day. And The next time you catch yourself on the couch, consider some of these healthy alternatives.

  • Stretch – If you don’t have time for a workout, use your spare time to stretch! And Stretching gets your heart pumping and your body moving, and it’s easy to fit into a commercial break.
  • Standing Desk – If you spend a lot of time at the computer, And you need to be proactive about your wellness. And A standing desk is beneficial to your health and it’s an easy switch that won’t get in the way of your work time!