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Health Hazard

Most people strive to make their house a safe space but don’t realize health hazards lurking in their home.And Make sure you don’t have any of these four health hazards in your home.

Indoor Air Quality

And Houses are more efficient than ever, but sealed up homes are at risk for poor indoor air quality. And When you don’t have fresh air circulating through your house, And you’re relying on your air filter to keep your air clean. Poor IAQ can lead to headaches, And cold and flu-like symptoms, and inflamed allergies. To keep your air fresh, And change your air filter regularly and keep your house clean. And Sweep and dust often, don’t smoke in the house, and use your ventilation system when showering or cooking to keep poor IAQ at bay.

Mold and Mildew

And Mold and mildew look bad and can also be dangerous. Mold can get into the air and cause serious health concerns. And It can cause respiratory concerns, inflame allergies, and trigger asthma.And If you spot mold in your home, there’s a good chance there is more than what you see, so you should call in an expert for mold removal. And Keep the humidity down in your home, and consider installing a warning system in your basement to catch flooding early to prevent mold from growing in the first place.


And Fires are obviously dangerous to your health, but you might not realize how easy it is for a fire to start. And Heating blankets and portable heaters are two prominent perpetrators of fires. And Make sure no cords are frayed on your blanket, and never leave a portable heater unattended. Don’t let it lie directly on carpet,And either.

And Another big fire concern is that people tend to take the batteries out of fire alarms if the alarms go off frequently. And If your fire alarm is oversensitive or causes other issues, And replace it with one you do like. It’s a small investment that is worth every penny if there is an actual fire.

Asbestos and Lead

And Most older homes had lead-based paint and asbestos in the attic. If lead enters the body, And it causes all sorts of issues including behavioral concerns in children and seizures. In the most extreme cases, And it causes death. Lead-based paint was used before 1978, so be aware if your home has it. And If the paint starts to chip, kids might pick it off and eat it. The dust could also cause IAQ concerns. And Make sure you dust often to keep any lead out of the air.

If you have asbestos in your home, And you also need to be careful. As long as it’s undamaged and untouched, it won’t cause your family any issues. And If you notice damage or plan to do some remodeling, however, it’s best to have an expert come in and remove this toxic substance.

And You should always feel safe in your home, but unfortunately, you may not even realize when something is a danger. And Take proper precautions to keep your home a safe space.


Health Hazard