5 Ways To Protect Your Health When Sitting At Work : My Health Only


Muscle pain and rapid fatigue are 75% caused by wrong posture when sitting in front of the computer. And We consulted with many specialists and they’re giving you advice on how to properly sit at work so you won’t experience health problems.

And Here are the 5 ways to protect your health when sitting at work:

1. Back Pain

– Your chair must have a comfortable back with natural curve.
– And The depth of your chair should match the length of your hip.And If your chair is too big, And use a pillow under your waist.
– And Don’t rush to change the position if you feel uncomfortable. And Your muscles need to get used to the correct posture. And Wait for a while to become comfortable.

2. Leg Pain

– Adjust your chair. And Your feet should not hang. And Your legs should be slightly bent at an angle of 90°.
– And Don’t cross your feet or legs. And It worsens the blood flows, causes discomfort and numbness.

3. Neck Pain

– Properly position your monitor to avoid neck pain.
–And Sit on a chair.And Close your eyes, and relax. When you open them, And the point at which the center of your screen should be located will be And just before you. And Your monitor should be at your eye level.

4. Tired Hands

– When you work, your hands are in constant tension. And Wrong position can cause numbness and pain in your hands.
– And Keyboard and mouse should be at elbow level.And Keep your wrists straight.

5. Fast Fatigability

And When a person leads sedentary lifestyles, eats a lot of fatty and sweet foods,And cholesterol gathers in the vessels and stretches the veins. And This lifestyle can cause pain, fatigue in legs and feet,And swelling and high blood pressure.

– Work out at least 15 minutes a day.And Eat more healthy.