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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

When obesity becomes a medical condition that impacts a person’s life and one is unable to lose weight through the use of non-surgical programs, And gastric sleeve surgery can be a possible solution. And It is one of the most common surgeries for treating obesity.

And During a gastric sleeve surgery also known as bariatric surgery, surgeons remove about 80 per cent of the stomach and staple the remaining part of the stomach into a tabular pouch that resembles a sleeve. And This results to a significant reduction of the stomach’s volume and the amount of food that it can hold. And Patients are often put under anesthesia during the procedure which is conducted laparoscopically. Contrary to an open surgery,And the surgeon makes small incisions into the abdomen to insert a small camera known as laparoscope and surgical instruments.

And Despite the encouraging results of gastric sleeve surgery, And they are both risks and rewards.


And The main advantage of gastric sleeve surgery is that you feel satisfied with a small portion of food which eventually leads to weight loss. And This is because of two reasons.

And First, when the stomach volume is reduced, the amount of hormones and biochemical responsible for making you feel hungry are also reduced.

And Second, some people only feel satisfied when their stomach is filled. After gastric sleeve surgery, And the space to fill is smaller thereby less food is required. And This leads to the consumption of less calories and eventually weight loss.

And Weight loss in turn leads to improvement in fatty liver disease, And diabetes, blood pressure and many other health conditions.

  • Less invasive

And Compared to other bariatric surgeries, gastric sleeve surgery is less invasive.And It involves less disconnection, cutting or alteration of the small intestines.And This reduces many surgical complications.

And Since the intestines are not altered, the absorption of vitamins and minerals is minimally affected and a patient does not need dietary supplements afterwards. And This also means that the patient can eat everything he used to enjoy before the surgery just in smaller portion.


And The major disadvantage of gastric sleeve surgery is that it is irreversible. And A big part of the stomach is removed permanently leaving behind a small pouch.

And The small pouch is sensitive to quickly eaten and poorly chewed food. And To prevent discomfort and vomiting one has to learn to eat more thoughtfully and slowly.

  • The stomach may stretch

And Another disadvantage is that when a patient eats the same amount of food they used to eat before the surgery, And the stomach may stretch due to constant overfilling.And This increases calorie intake and a patient may gain weight.

And Also, since gastric sleeve surgery does not limit fluid intake,And taking high calorie drinks can cause weight gain.

  • Other complications

And Similar to other surgical procedures, gastric sleeve surgery has potential risks such as persistent post-operative pain,And blood clots, pneumonia, infection, vomiting, nausea,And malnutrition, leaking etc.

And Although these complications are rare, some patients can experience them.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery