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Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is a wonderful and helpful piece of the kit when it comes to the overall dental health. And Now, the only problem with the electric toothbrush is the cleaning part. And As we all know, every electric toothbrush is combined from two different parts, the body, and the head.

And Anyhow, the cleaning of the body and the head of an electric toothbrush is not that hard at all. And Let’s see exactly how you can clean your toothbrush.

2 Important Steps – Cleaning of the Electric Toothbrush

And Since the electric toothbrush is made out of the two parts, And we are going to discuss the cleaning process of both of these two parts individually.

1) Cleaning of the head

And Now, let’s see what exactly you do need to do in order to clean the head of an electric toothbrush.

  • Mix bleach and water in a plastic bowl

And First of all, you need to prepare the mix of the bleach and the water in order to wash the head of an electric toothbrush in it.And Now, you need to take one part of bleach and mix it with 10 parts of water. And The container where you create the mixture should be big enough for head of the toothbrush to sink in.

  • Wipe the head of the toothbrush

And Next, you need to take the head of an electric toothbrush and wipe it with a clean piece of cloth. And Namely, take a dip with the clean cloth in a toothbrush solution and wipe the toothbrushes head with it.

  • Sink the toothbrush in the mixture

And Now, place the toothbrushes head in the bleach and water solution so you can ensure that it gets cleaned properly. And Leave it there for an hour and wait for it to be cleaned perfectly.And After that, just need to get it out of the bleach and water mixture.

  • Rinse the head of the electric toothbrush

And The last step is to rinse the head with water and get the whole process of cleaning the head of an electric toothbrush over with. And This way, And you will ensure that water cleans the toothbrush perfectly.

2) Cleaning of the handle

And Nearly the same process is done in the cleaning of the handle as well. Namely,And all you need to do is to repeat all of the steps for cleaning of the head, but don’t sink the handle in the mixture this time.

  • Bleach and water solution

And Make the bleach and water solution and dip a piece of cloth in it so you can use to clean your toothbrush’s handle. And Make sure to clean it good with the piece of cloth you got.

  • Clean the attached area as well

And The most important part to clean is the attachment part. And This is where the head and the handle combine themselves into a toothbrush. Clean this part properly and with care.

  • Don’t sink it in the water

And Since the handle is the most important part of an electric toothbrush, And it isn’t a good idea to sink it in the water since it will stop working that way. And Just make sure to clean it with the piece of cloth and not sink it in the water.


Electric Toothbrush