6 Common Dental Myths Busted : My Health Only


Rumour and myths seldom bring about positive things in life. And This is more applicable when we talk about myths concerning our health and body. And While most myths related to general health have been busted decades ago, And people are surprisingly unaware about their mouths. And When you talk to a dentist, you will find that a lot of things you believed to be good for your oral health, And were actually deteriorating.

And Dental myths have been introducing unnecessary confusion among the masses for years now. And While these can be a real pain in the tooth, And knowledge and information are the two things you require to protect yourself against dental problems.

And Read on to find out about these myths and what really is good for your dental health and hygiene.


Myth #1:  And The more you brush your teeth, the better

Fact:  And While it might seem like a good idea to brush several times a day, And too much of anything cannot be good for you. And In this case, over-brushing your teeth will strip off the enamel of your teeth. And It is advised to stick to brushing twice a day for a few minutes, and rinsing the whole mouth properly to get rid of food debris stuck between the teeth.

Myth #2:  And Bleeding gums are a sign that you need to brush less

Fact:  And While bleeding gums can very well be a sign that you are overdoing it with the brushing, And it is not a sure-shot thing. And In most cases, And the bleeding is caused by other factors and should not affect the two brushing sessions that  your mouth receives.  And Dentist in Melbourne advice to ignore the blood while brushing and consult a certified dentist as soon as possible.

Myth #3:  And Procedures like teeth whitening are hurting your oral health

Fact:  And Contrary to what the name of the procedure suggests, And teeth whitening is not a procedure to really whiten your teeth through artificial processes. And Instead, harmless chemicals are used to clean the teeth properly and thoroughly, And to restore the original whiteness of your teeth.

Myth #4:  And Sweets are bad for your teeth

Fact:  And Sweets, or any other food for that matter, does not have the ability to mess with your oral health as long as you brush regularly. And If the food stays inside the mouth for prolonged periods, And that is when you need to be worried. And Simply brush your teeth twice a day and get regular check ups and your teeth will remain in pristine condition all through your life.

Myth#5:  And Sugar Free soft-drinks don’t damage teeth

Fact:  And As mentioned earlier, sugars or any other food material does not posses the capability of compromising oral health. And However, carbonated drinks are highly corrosive to teeth, and no matter what variety you get, And will compromise your oral health.

Myth #6:  And Once the braces are off, no further care is required

Fact:  And Braces are meant to reposition the teeth in the correct fashion. And It is also true that teeth shift in varying intensities and degrees over a person’s lifetime. And To prevent future movement in the teeth, a retainer is required to retain their position, And even after the braces have come off.