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Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety disorders can become debilitating, so it’s important to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. And The symptoms of anxiety are varied, but this condition is more common in women than men. And The reason for this and for the fact each gender presents slightly different anxiety symptoms is that man’s testosterone calms down the amygdala. And The amygdala is the brain’s fight or flight command center, so all the panic attacks and all the events we perceive as anxiety-inducing are born in the amygdala. And To be able to look for professional help with your anxiety you have to be able to identify the symptoms, And so here are the most common anxiety signs in women.

And Women are less likely to seek help

And Anxiety is still linked to stigma and this prevents a lot of people from seeking help when they feel something is not right. And Because of this stigma and all the misconceptions regarding anxiety, And men are more likely to seek help when they are confronted with fear and too many worries, compared to women. And Our society itself tells us that women are prone to anxiety, so they take this as something natural and try to find ways to cope with their feelings and control their anxiety on their own.

Depression is often involved

And According to The Recovery Village at Columbus, most women who suffer from anxiety are also depressed, And which makes them even less likely to seek help. And Moreover, when there are two or multiple conditions layered on top of each other,And diagnosing the problem is harder for the patient, who thinks she is only going through a sad time.

You can’t stop worrying

And If you always worry about something, even little things, you should be looking for medical attention. And Constant worrying is a sign of generalized anxiety and it prevents you from living a normal life. And This state of permanent tension also takes its toll on your physical health, as the brain is unable to unwind after the day.

And Sometimes the worries are focused on your own health. And A simple headache can trigger a panic attack or constant worries that you have a severe health problem, like a brain tumor. And If your doctor often tells you you are healthy and there is nothing wrong with your health, but you still worry about your state, And it might be an anxiety symptom.

You’re scared of social events

And Some people experience a high degree of social anxiety, without actually suffering from generalized anxiety. And However, if you notice you have a high degree of negative emotions when you find yourself in social situations, it may be a sign of anxiety.And The situations in questions are familiar, daily ones, such as waiting in line at the store or meeting a neighbor.

And If your anxiety is more severe, you might find yourself unable to leave the house. And Those who are scared to go out usually fear they will be trapped in a bad situation, so they try to avoid leaving their home at all costs.


You have panic attacks

And Anxiety comes with panic attacks, usually triggered by nothing specific. And For example, having to call a friend might cause a panic attack. And The signs of a panic attack are a racing heart, chest pain, nausea, the intense feel of losing control, shaking, And sweating and breathing problems.

Compulsive behaviors

And Constant fear can lead to compulsions, such as touching certain things or doing things in a certain way. And These behaviors don’t cure the anxiety, but are meant to calm down the fear, at least for couple of minutes. And On the other hand, compulsions might be a sign of an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Anxiety Symptoms